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Criminal Defense Attorney – Savannah, GA

Arrested and charged with a crime in Georgia?

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for any type of criminal offense on a state or federal level, you need an attorney who will provide you with aggressive and personalized legal counsel. Georgia law enforcement and prosecutors are ready to put you behind bars; make sure that you counter their efforts with the help of a criminal lawyer who understands the ins and outs of both sides of criminal proceedings.

Dennis O’Brien is an experienced trial attorney with a past that allows unique insight into the world of criminal justice. O’Brien served as a police officer prior to obtaining his law degree.

O’Brien Law Firm PC is a Criminal Defense Law Firm in Savannah, GA Dedicated to Protecting your Rights

At O’Brien Law Firm PC, we understand how traumatic it is to be at the mercy of the criminal justice system in the state of Georgia. Whether you are charged with a State or Federal crime, the life that you lead up till now will likely be derailed not only by a loss of reputation, but by potential long-term incarceration or monetary loss due to court costs and fines.

If you, a family member, or your significant other have been accused of a crime or are in the process of being investigated for a crime, it is very important for you and your family to seek legal representation from an accomplished Criminal Justice Attorney as soon as possible so that your rights and interests are protected.

An Attorney with a Law Enforcement Background Can Provide a Better Criminal Defense.

As a former Field Training Officer for the Memphis Police Department, Dennis O’Brien has over a decade of knowledge and experience in dealing with the criminal justice system and all of the complexities that are involved in a criminal defense case. It is because of his career as a police officer that Dennis O’Brien is able to now offer a unique set of skills and perspective for those with pending criminal cases.

After Dennis obtained his law degree, he made the choice to return home to Georgia as a zealous advocate for the rights of the accused. With his professional career expertise and out-of-the-box solutions to complicated problems, Dennis has been able to win high-profile cases and distinguish himself as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Savannah, GA.

Dennis O’Brien’s Dedication to his Clients and his Attention to Detail distinguish him as an accomplished Criminal Defense Lawyer

Each and every client that is represented by O’Brien Law Firm PC is treated with the utmost respect, dedication and understanding. While some criminal justice lawyers in Savannah, Georgia take weekends off or rely on paralegals or assistants to handle important cases, the details of each client’s case is carefully reviewed and meticulously investigated by Dennis O’Brien personally. Dennis O’Brien’s dedication to his client’s defense and his incredible attention to detail are the traits that make him successful.

It is not the job of O’Brian Law Firm PC to act as judge for those who have been accused of crimes, but rather to find the best defense and to protect the rights of those individuals who may not get competent representation without help from the an experienced Criminal Justice Attorney.


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