Gun Rights: Long Term Consequences to Pleading Guilty in Georgia

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Quite a few rights can be denied if you are to plead guilty to certain crimes. Gun rights are a right that is often revoked for those who plead guilty to many crimes. Some convictions can even lead a defendant to be unable to possess a firearm for up to ten years. A few of these convictions include threats to public officers or police officers, possession of a deadly weapon with intent to intimidate or threaten a witness, and outright intimidation of witnesses.

A few violent crimes can lead to the defendant losing gun rights where an injury is created or a greater bodily injury could have occurred. These include assault, including any assault with a firearm, battery, and sexual battery. A grossly negligent discharge of a firearm will also result in gun rights being banned. As you might guess, domestic violence is an area where these rights are commonly revoked. No matter if there was measurable harm or not, stalking, threats, and harassment can also trigger a ban.

Another great annoyance to people who have found themselves in a banned state is the seemingly secret ban laws in place. This can cause a ten year ban that can actually lead to a lifetime ban according to federal law. These secret ban laws also restrict people with restraining orders from possessing a firearm. With the right Savannah criminal defense lawyer, you can more easily understand these supposedly secret ban laws.

Many people do understand that convicted felons are not allowed to possess guns. Mentally incompetent, insane, or mentally disordered sex offenders are also unable to possess firearms.

Expungement does not mean that your right to possess a firearm is automatically restored. Say you had what is known as a wobbler, or a felony conviction that should have been just a misdemeanor. In this situation, you could have the matter reduced, but then would have to expunge the conviction. Sometimes, however, the rights cannot be restored even after the ten year period. Those convicted of brandishing or discharging a firearm will likely be placed under a lifetime ban.

If you have been accused of a crime, or have family member that is in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Savannah, give O’Brien Law Firm PC a call today to learn more about your charges and how you should respond to them. They can answer many questions on crimes, convictions, and bans.

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