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Criminal Defense Sex Crime Cases

Sexual offenses carry a special stigma with them that follow the sex offender for years and years, if not a lifetime. Relationships are lost, reputations are ruined, respect is gone and life becomes a shell of what it formally was. At O’Brien Law Firm PC, we know how serious the trauma can be for a man or a woman if he or she is convicted of a sexual crime in the State of Georgia. Just because you are accused of a sex crime does not mean that you committed that crime, and we are not here to judge you.

Sex Crime Cases Criminal Defense

If you have been charged in the state of Georgia with a sex offense, you should know that this State may very well have the harshest penalties of any state in the United States. More often than not, sex offenders face serious legal as well as social consequences which can lead to a complete change in the way that a person lives his or her life. Some common sex offenses are as follows:

  1. Stalking or Harassing
  2. Indecent Exposure
  3. Prostitution, Soliciting, or Pimping
  4. Lewd and Lascivious conduct
  5. Sexual Assault
  6. Sexual Battery
  7. Rape
  8. Child Molestation or Sexual Abuse of a Minor
  9. Owning, Creating, Publishing or Distributing of Child Pornography
  10. Forcible Sodomy

Each convicted sex offender in Georgia is required to register themselves on a list that encompasses each sex offender in the State. Those who are convicted of a sex offense by a prosecutor can expect mandatory incarceration with a minimum of 10 years to serve and a maximum of life in prison, mandatory probation as well as large fines that are to be paid during that probation period.

Convictions also include the loss of some rights that you have as a citizen of the United States, such as the right to own a firearm or vote in an election. Those convicted of a sex crime usually have an extremely difficult time finding work, finding a place to live and rebuilding relationships that were severed because of such a conviction.

Because of the serious nature of these crimes, it is vitally important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Savannah, GA like Dennis O’Brien.

The courts in Georgia look at several factors when sentencing someone who is charged with a sex crime:

  1. How old was the victim of the crime?
  2. How many times did the illegal sexual activity occur?
  3. Was there a weapon involved in the act?
  4. Was there a computer involved in the act?
  5. Is there any record of previous convictions for sexual offenses?

Criminal Defense Sex Crime Cases

At O’Brien Law Firm PC, we understand that accusations are easy to make. You will need a skilled Savannah criminal defense attorney to handle these serious accusations against you, so that if you have to go to trial you have the peace of mind that a clever and educated criminal defense lawyer is representing you. Our job is to defend your rights and prove your innocence, no matter what the charge against you may be.

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