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Minors Not In Possession of Alcohol Can Still Be Charged

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In the state of Georgia, any minor that has even just a small trace of alcohol in their blood stream can be charged with possession of alcohol, even if they do not actually have alcohol on their person. This can lead to an arrest for possession of alcohol, even if no bottles or drinks are physically present. This could lead to a potentially frightening situation should you find yourself with a police officer who smells alcohol on your breath or a faulty Breathalyzer that has led to false reading of your body’s blood alcohol content levels.

Now, all an officer needs to testify is to find an odor of alcohol on a minor’s breath. With one breath, an officer has a potential case against you. Should an officer wish to testify and the minor is convicted as a minor in possession of alcohol, the penalties are quite substantial, including the minor’s driver’s license possibly becoming suspended for six months. That is why it is important to find a criminal defense attorney in Savannah, or in the surrounding area, that is knowledgeable in this field, such as O’Brien Law Firm PC.

Alcohol on your breath is not the only way an officer can have a potential case, however. False readings from a machine that measure the blood alcohol content levels, like a Breathalyzer, can also lead to a conviction of this offense with just one breath. If you believe that you have undergone a Breathalyzer exam that found false results, it is important to find a Savannah criminal defense attorney to help back up your case. Being convicted of a crime that you did not commit can cause major issues for you in the future. Minors especially are can find themselves in quite a lot of trouble if a machine throws a false reading as the smallest trace can land them into a heap of trouble.

There are many options if you are charged as a minor in possession. If you are in need of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney that will try their hardest to help you fight against these charges, O’Brien Law Firm PC wants to help. If you believe a faulty machine was at work or that you were wrongly accused by a police officer that supposedly smelled alcohol on your breath, the best defense attorneys in Savannah, GA can help you figure out the best way to tackle this trial. Give them a call today.

Avoiding an Inexperienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Savannah

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A lot of folks in Georgia and around the U.S will openly admit that they don’t like lawyers. It’s a pretty common theme amongst most people. But what is worse than finding out that the lawyer that you put your trust in (even if you didn’t like him or her) isn’t as great at their job as they said that they were?

It’s a horrible feeling to realize that your lawyer isn’t up to par, but if you take to heart some of the following tips, you can avoid that feeling altogether.

Do Your Homework – This of it like this: if you just moved to a new city, and you knew that your car needed some body work, wouldn’t you ask around and do some research to find the most trusted body shop with the best prices?

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer in Savannah or Atlanta is similar, in that you should do your due diligence and find the right lawyer for you. If you are facing a criminal charge, the result of your case is one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life, so take the time to make sure that you choose a great criminal defense lawyer. Searching the phone directory is just the first step.

Experience Matters – It might be hard for a lot of people to believe, but there are a lot of lawyers in this world who have never tried a case in the entire span of their career. One of the first questions you should ask your lawyer is how many trials he or she has had. Also consider asking:

• Were the cases that you been involved in civil or criminal cases?
• Were the cases in front of a jury or a judge?
• How many cases did you win last year?
• How many cases have you won this year?

Specialized Case=Specialized Lawyer – It is a good rule of thumb to not hire a general practitioner to do a specialized job. Most criminal defense cases are very in-depth and contain many nuances and intricacies that only a seasoned attorney like Dennis O’Brien can navigate through.

If time is of the essence in your case and you do not have enough time to search for a proper criminal defense lawyer, Dennis O’Brien can help. With years of experience as a lawyer as well as a police officer, O’Brien Law Firm PC brings a unique set of skills and understanding to the table that other lawyers cannot. Contact us today for your free initial consultation.

How a Great Savannah Criminal Defense Attorney Wins Cases

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If you have been accused of a crime, you should know that dealing with your charge is a very important piece of business that needs to be handled with care and efficiency. No matter whether you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, your case needs to be handled with care, as you could face life-long consequences and repercussions. That is why so many men and women in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding areas choose Dennis O’Brien as their Savannah criminal defense lawyer.

A trusted professional like Dennis O’Brien will be able to provide you with the services and expertise that you need to help you on your day in court. So, why else should you utilize the services of a criminal defense lawyer?

Knowledge – A great criminal defense attorney knows the court system like the back of their hand, and all of the nuances that come along with Georgia state law. Every case that an attorney takes is going to be different, but any lawyer worth his or her salt will have the foundation of knowledge on their side to help achieve the best results possible.

Influence – A seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Savannah like Dennis O’Brien knows who the judges and prosecutors are in their county and its surrounding areas from negotiating and working with them in the past. As such, they know what practices and strategies are more and less likely to work in a given case, depending on the prosecutor(s) and judge assigned to their client.

Dedication and Research – Depending on the type of case a lawyer is working with, a great deal of research is required to formulate a strategic defense for their client. This includes reviewing all of the evidence of the case, contacting all witnesses and much, much more. This requires dedication and professionalism, which only the best defense lawyers can provide.

If you or somebody that you know has been accused of a crime, choose Dennis O’Brien to represent you. He exemplifies each of the qualities listed above, and will fight to make sure that your rights have been upheld and do everything in his power to ensure that you are awarded a satisfactory outcome in your case.

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