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There are many advantages to signing up for a course on defensive driving (traffic school) from the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Traffic school offers new and experienced drivers the opportunity to hone their driving habits and skills to help reduce the risk of getting a ticket or being involved in an accident.

Traffic school also offers a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Possible reduction of auto insurance rates
  • A reduction of points on your driving record
  • Dismissal of traffic violations
  • Reinstatement of suspended license

Voluntary Course vs Court-Mandated Services

Georgia drivers can take traffic school on a voluntary basis or as ordered by the Georgia traffic court due to receiving one or several traffic citations. Depending on the circumstances of the ticket and the particulars of a person’s driving history, drivers may be able to get their citation dismissed by successfully completing a course on defensive driving.

Every time a driver is convicted of a traffic violation, such as speeding, DUI or reckless driving, he accumulates points on his driving record to coincide with the violation. An accumulation of 15 points or more within a 2 year period will result in having your license suspended.

Every 5 years, drivers are given the opportunity to have points deducted from their record to avert license suspension by taking a defensive driver course. In the event your license has already been suspended, you must complete a driver course as a prerequisite to having the license reinstated.

What Does Traffic School Entail?

By taking a Georgia defensive driving course, drivers will learn and/or review:

  • Techniques for defensive driving
  • Good driving habits and skills
  • Georgia traffic regulations and violations
  • Alcohol and drug regulations and violations
  • Rules on sharing the road and safe driving

A typical defensive driving course will take about 6 hours to complete. All participants will be expected to take and pass a final exam before receiving a certificate of completion. This certificate will need to be submitted to the Georgia DDS to satisfy court requirements for restoring your driving privileges.

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